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logobarrioLunch - Dinner- Late Night Friday & Saturday - Fresh Fish and Beef Specials Daily - Full Bar - Patio Dining - Large Parties Welcome

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The restaurant's average entree cost is Moderate.
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Cuisine Type: American with regional accents. Full Bar. No Dress Code. Amex, Visa, Check, Diners Club, Mastercard.
Open Hours: Lunch: 11am-5pm Mon-Fri; 12pm-5pm Sat Dinner: 5pm-9pm Mon; 5pm-10pm Tue-Thu; 5pm-midnight Fri-Sat; 5pm-9pm Sun.

We are located at: 135 S. 6th Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 629-0191

Street Map! In the heart of Downtown just a quarter block south of Broadway. View Map.
Ample free parking.
Barrio is downtown's destination bistro. For neighbors, visitors and town folks to enjoy, Barrio is moments away from theatre, art and convention events. Featuring cozy booths, an upbeat bar and Chef Jeffrey Glomski's sumptuous fare, Barrio- where delicious food and excellent service never go out of style.









Understanding the Importance of Vitamins

  • Is eating nutritious food and exercising daily enough?
  • We have been exposed to different kinds of vitamins during our younger years.
  • How long do vitamins stay in our system?

Is eating nutritious food and exercising daily enough to achieve a healthy body? Basically, it is enough, however, to strengthen and to improve our health, we also need the help of health supplements since it allows our body to develop and grow more. There are several types of vitamins and these are vitamin A,C,D,E, K and B. According to most health experts, the best way to meet your daily nutritional requirement is to combine health supplements and natural health practices. However, you have to visit your dietician or primary physician before taking supplements to avoid complications.


Vitamins and improving the immune system

We have been exposed to different kinds of vitamins during our younger years because it has been told that it can help us improve our immune system. It also enables us to maintain strong bones, hearts, lungs, eyes and other vital organs in the body.

How long do vitamins stay in our system?

Depending on what type of vitamins you take. For example, vitamin B and C are water-soluble vitamins, it automatically dissolves in water and can be flushed out by the urine. Food choices such as green leafy vegetables, fruits and grains contain water soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A D E and K stays longer as it goes directly to the body tissues.

Taking vitamins and other health supplements daily is a good idea. However, you need to be careful in buying products, make sure to purchase supplements on trusted sellers like iHerb, and other well-known health stores. Many people asked me this question, what is a good iherb.com coupon? Well, there are a lot of coupon codes out there to help you save money when buying health supplements, you just have to choose the best.

Effects of Eating Quest Bars Before and After Exercising

  • There are a lot of protein bars available in the market
  • We will talk about the effects of eating quest protein bars
  • do you know which bar to choose as a workout snack?

There are a lot of protein bars available in the market, the question here is, do you know which bar to choose as a workout snack? Basically, you have to consider a lot of things when choosing and buying energy, protein bars; you have to look for the best brand that can provide several benefits to your body and overall health. In this article, we will talk about the effects of eating quest protein bars pre and post workout.


Why You Should Consume Quest Bars Prior to Workout?

For most of us, we believe that going to the gym on a daily basis will help us lose weight and achieve the body we desired. But normally, we are hitting the gym empty handed, which means, we don’t fully understand the whole process of losing weight. Our body will not lose tons of pounds in just a snap, it has its own adjustments and chemical reactions.

We have to understand that for us to be able to get fit and healthy, we need to sustain our body with enough energy, protein and other nutrients.

By eating Quest bars before exercising, this will help you have more energy to do strenuous and tiring activities. In addition, it will give you more power to work harder. For this specific reason, it is best to choose the best pre-workout protein and energy bar.

Why You Should Consume Quest Bars After Workout?

If you are hitting the gym to lose some weight, consuming quest bar post workout will help you and your body to  burn more calories and fats.

There are a lot of quest bars cheap available online, you can order anytime you want. Quest Nutrition also provides limitless coupon codes to help you save a lot of money.

Why Athletes Should Use Mouth Guards?

mg1What are mouth guards?

Mouth guards are a soft plastic material that is being used to protect the teeth, lips, jaws and tongue from all kinds of dental injuries such as mouth cuts, abrasions, and dental breakout. For some people, they consider mouth guards or mouthpiece as a flexible device which is made from either rubber or plastic materials that are used in extreme sports such as American football to protect the mouth from trauma.


According to the American Dental Association, mouth guards should be used in all sports with possible contact interaction, such as soccer, basketball, American football, skating, martial arts and more.


However, in some cases where athletes are using dental braces and retainers, their respective dentist will design a customized mouth guard that will not compromise their dental attachments.


In this article, we will also discuss some of the advantages of using mouth guards in sports.


One of the most common advantages of wearing and using mouth guards in sport is that it helps prevent any serious dental and physical injuries such as jaw fractures, mouth abrasions, brain and neck injuries and more. Mouth guards are also known to be the most effective gear in preventing mouth lacerations and bruising.


However, if you don’t wear your mouth guards properly, chances are, you will experience intense pain and injury in the mouth that will lead to teeth surgery, implants, and root canals. All of these treatments and surgeries can be avoided if you use the best mouth guards. To guide you in buying the right mouthpiece, check more mouth guards review online.


Lastly, wearing mouth guards is not enough to prevent injuries and cavities. You also have to make sure that you take care of it properly. Listed below are steps on how to clean and maintain mouth guards:


  • Boil it with warm water
  • Wash with soap and water
  • Rinse with mouthwash
  • Keep in a clean mouth guard case


In any case that you feel uncomfortable with your mouth guard, go directly and have your teeth and mouth guard checked by your dentist.

The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Legal Steroids

BODY BUILDING: GET STRONGER WITH A PILLThere are many different types of legal steroids that you can take. However, before you decide to purchase legal steroids, you should know what the benefits and disadvantages are. With that said, below are some pros, cons and a guide to buying steroids.


  1. The Benefits- There are many benefits of taking legal roids, with one of them being that they are a safer alternative to illegal roids. Not only that, but you could end up getting bigger and stronger when you take certain kinds of legal roids, and this means you could end up pushing pass any plateaus you may have hit. If you want a safer alternative and you want to become stronger and bigger, then you might want to look into the different types of legal steroids.


Another benefit of taking legal steroids is that there are no injections involved. As you know, when you take illegal roids, then you usually have to inject them. Also, don’t forget that illegal ones are just that, illegal, so if you want to take a legal alternative and you don’t want to inject anything, then you should consider taking legal steroids.


  1. The Disadvantages- As the case is with many supplements, there may be some side effects associated with taking legal steroids. Not only are there some side effects associated with some legal steroids, but you will likely need to continue taking them in order to maintain any results you do end up getting. If you don’t want to suffer any possible side effects or you don’t want to lose any mass you do gain, then you may want to reconsider taking legal steroids.


Another disadvantage is that it can be pricey to purchase legal steroids. The price you will pay depends on on a few factors, such as where you buy them from, the type you buy and so on. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on supplements, then you might not want to take legal steroids because they can cost quite a bit of money.


Now that you know what the benefits and disadvantages are, you can decide whether or not you should look into taking them. Just make sure you research the different products out there and read reviews and then choose the ones you think will provide you with the most benefits. With that said, go ahead and start researching various legal steroids today.

What Does Your Restaurant Menu Template Look Like? 

rmtWhen dining in a restaurant, the first thing that you notice is how the restaurant looks like. It should be cozy and the over-all ambiance must be inviting that you would want to live there and just eat. Then you are handed a menu once you have settled in your seat at the table you have chosen.


You scan the menu and voila! You are greeted by appetizing pictures of food and its description. Just looking at the menu, you can hardly wait to start eating.


The menu is one of the factors that customers consider when dining in a restaurant. Therefore, a premium quality restaurant menu template should be used in order to entice customers to come back to your restaurant.


Depending on what type of restaurant you own, there are different types of restaurant menu templates that you can choose. From elegant templates down to the simple and easy customizable ones, you cannot go wrong with a restaurant menu design template that is suitable to your restaurant.


The Infoparrot website has listed cool restaurant menu design templates soyou can make your search easier.


If you want an elegant yet simple restaurant menu template, then the Vintage Food Menu could be what you are looking for. It has a brochure style menu template with a very comfortable layout, perfect for restaurants that have a long list of food choices. It is also very easy to edit according to your needs so making changes is not hard for you.


An ideal restaurant menu template for snack bars would be the Editable Restaurant Menu Template created by FourLeafLover. It is a complete vector template menu and the file that comes with the download is properly organized with layers for making it easier to edit and use.


And, for your Sushi Bar, the Tri-fold Sushi restaurant menu template from itembridge creative store would be a good suit. It is also easy to customize and has pretty organized layers.


If you want to know more about the restaurant menu templates mentioned, or for more restaurant templates, you can go to infoparrot.com.