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Sandwiches. Lunch Only.

Roasted turkey, mesquite smoked bacon, beef steak tomato, melted yellow cheddar, butter lettuce on herb focaccia -
Grilled honey chipolte barbecue chicken breast topped with fire roasted bell pepper, sweet onion and mesquite smoked bacon mélange on a Kaiser roll with white cheddar cheese -
Fresh mozzarella, red onion, prosciutto, hard salami, kalamata olives, beef steak tomato and peperoncinni on a hoagie roll with a creamy garlic Cajun dressing -
Vegetarian sandwich -
Jalapeno burger with grilled onion, avocado and white cheddar cheese. Served with spicy curly fries -
Grilled New York strip on a Kaiser roll with sautéed poblano chilies, caramelized shallots, oyster mushrooms and havarti cheese. Served with curly fries or house salad .

$ 8.50
$ 8.50$ 8.50
$ 8.50$ 7.50



Appetizers. Lunch & Dinner.

Soup of the day- Cup or Bowl -
Baked green lip mussels in the half shell with a mesquite smoked bacon, casino butter and parmesan crust on a bed of shaved fennel and red cabbage cole slaw -
Fresh mozzarella with fire roasted yellow bell peppers, beefsteak tomato and herb foccacia toast points with grilled Belgium endive. Finished with arugula oil and white balsamic glaze -
Jamaican jerk rubbed black tiger shrimp grilled on a bed of arugula chiffonade with a mandarin orange jicama and cilantro salsa -
Anaheim chile stuffed with roasted garlic, black beans and goat cheese. Finished with a roasted red bell pepper cream -
Bruschetta brushed with garden pesto topped with sun-dried tomato and feta cheese. Finished with a balsamic glaze -
Cheffery's Alaskan snow crab cakes served over mixed baby greens. Finished with ancho chili aioli -
Barrio tostada - grilled chicken, tomato concasse and white cheddar cheese on a whole wheat tortilla served with a xeres sherry vinegar demi-glaze -

Salads. Lunch & Dinner.

House salad of mixed baby greens, sun-dried tomatoes and pepita seeds tossed with a Dijon mustard and basil dressing -
Caesar salad with cornbread croutons -
add grilled chicken-
add grilled shrimp -
Ensalada de pescado - mixed greens, sunflower sprouts and pineapple relish tossed with a papaya-cilantro vinaigrette and topped with pan-blackened fresh fish of the day -
Taco salad - ground beef, jalapenos, fried onions, tortilla strips, guacamole, white cheddar, goat cheese and black beans, tossed with mixed greens and a chile, cilantro and lime vinaigrette -
Mixed baby greens tossed with fresh berries, pineapple, mandarin orange, roasted pistachios, gorgonzola in a Madagascar vanilla bean and coconut vinaigrette -
Spinach, jicama, apples, red onion, walnuts and feta cheese with a raspberry oregano vinaigrette -
Tri-color fusilli pasta, grilled chicken, diced tomato, queso fresco, green onion, fried tortilla strips and mixed baby greens tossed with an ancho chili vinaigrette -



$ 9.50

$ 9.50

$ 7.50

$ 6.50


$ 9.25

$ 5.00
$ 6.50
$ 7.75
$ 8.25


$ 9.00

$ 9.50

$ 7.50

$ 8.75


w53Sumptuous fare!
Meals and service that are never out of style.

Chef Jeff Glomski offers you delicious food.

For Starters Try
our Fresh Tomato Mozzarella Salad

For Dessert Try
our Chocolate Flan with Fresh Berries.


Pastas. Lunch & Dinner.

Barrio chicken pasta - grilled chicken, pablano chilies, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and roasted whole garlic sautéed in shallot infused olive oil tossed with linguine and parmesan cheese -
Grilled Italian sausage, portobello mushrooms, mixed bell pepper and caramelized onions with a marsala marinara tossed with penne pasta and topped with mozzarella cheese -
Dried papaya and mango, grilled chicken reduced in a chipotle chardonnay cream tossed with linguine and finished with basil chiffonade -
Black tiger shrimp, green lip mussels, snow crab, oyster mushrooms and artichoke hearts in an ancho chile butter broth over linguine -
Grilled chicken, mesquite smoked bacon, portobello mushrooms, and tomato concasse tossed with fettuccine and an ancho chile basel pesto chardonnay cream -

Entrees. Dinner Only.

Venison rubbed with a dry barbecue, pan seared served on a bed of shoestring potatoes and finished with an ancho chile aioli -
Taco's - grilled fresh fish of the day with black beans and guacamole, served with a habanero tomatillo salsa and grilled pineapple salsa on the side -
Rack of lamb crusted with Dijon mustard and herb focaccia crumbs, seared and served on a bed of caramelized shallot, thyme and port wine demi-glaze -
Bone in pork chop rubbed with Jamaican jerk, slow roasted and served on braised spinach and garlic and finished with a granny smith apple, white raisin and cinnamon chutney -
Airline chicken breast marinated in a honey chipotle barbecue sauce, grilled and served on a bed of mesquite smoked bacon, fire roasted bell pepper and sweet onion mélange -
Grilled New York strip on a Kaiser roll with sautéed poblano chilies, caramelized shallots, oyster mushrooms and havarti cheese. Served with curly fries or house salad -

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Desserts. Lunch & Dinner.

Please ask your waiter for Desserts menu.

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All Menu Prices May Vary.